Would you like to say the person you love how strong your love is? You can send these great you make me happy quotes. You are lucky to have harmonious relationships. It is very important to let your partner know that you make me so happy. Love is a real happiness. This is the most precious gift you could receive in this life. At the same time, love is complete only when it is shared with others. When you are in love, you enjoy every song and all the variety of different flavors. Everything happens for the good and in the right moment. Make your love expression as a whisper, a poem or a quote said at the right moment. Welcome love into your life!

Choose Any of These You Make Me Smile Quotes

Does the person you love make you smile often? People who are in love experience a special state of being. This kind of feelings can’t be described easily. Try to do this using these wonderful you make me smile quotes. Your words will sound more romantic and intimate.

  1. The only thing that can make most people smile is the joy of life, but for me the source of my own joy is seeing you smiling. You make me happy my love!
  2. My love, you make every day of my life worth living. You are like the sun and the mood changing on time. We match each other perfectly.
  3. I am so grateful to my fate to have you in my life. You make me happy like crazy. You are like a handsome gardener taking care about my flowers and making me bloom all the time.
  4. I want to give you happiness and joy in return. You fill me with love and I have so much to share with you. You pass through my heart and mind every second of my day.
  5. Who cares where we come from and who we are. Love does not know any difference. We can become one and enjoy entire happiness. Will you join me in this journey?
  6. Do you know what is the best feelings I have ever experienced? To be completely in harmony with myself and the person I love… a true union!
  7. Do you know why you are someone very special to me? My spirits can be lifted in a second simply by watching you smiling.
  8. I can stand just like thing for ages, watching the universe inside your eyes. This is the best place for me to experience the eternity.
  9. My love, you make me happy! The more I become open, the more I feel complete.
  10. Do you think it is normal to smile just for absolutely no reason? You bring me into this kind of sweet madness.
  11. I am happy right you. You fill my life with love. Who has ever told that life is difficult?
  12. I am so happy and I want to make the person I love happy too. But happiness is the inner state. Do not wait till someone will make you happy. Be the happiness!
  13. Do you know what makes me happy? It is to be with a person I love and do the job I am good at.
  14. I am so grateful to you for making me happy. You are the gardeners of my blooming soul.
  15. Our future is very uncertain. I am happy to have you now with me. Let’s enjoy the present moment.

Explore the Best He Makes Me Happy Quotes

Your man does everything for you to be happy and smile for no reason. You should let him know that your feelings are mutual and you have the same feelings of true and deep love for him. Send him one of these he makes me happy quotes and make his day better. It is important to let people know how strong you love them.

  1. The only sunshine I enjoy is you. Even when it is raining and the sky is grey I have my sun. Will you ever find out how much I love you? Please do not hide under the cloud, my love!
  2. Love and happiness are equal words.
  3. I even do not have to repeat “I love you” many times, just look at my smiling face and you will understand everything.
  4. I do not want to impress you. I just want to live happily with you till the end of my life. Yu are the only one who can make my life happy.
  5. I love you! I do not know how you manage to make me so happy? What is your secret?
  6. You are the most beautiful surprise of my life.
  7. There is the shortest way to happiness and that is our love.
  8. I am happy just by knowing that you are happy. I will do everything for you.
  9. Do I make you happy as you do? I do not know what I did to deserve your love. This is the blessing!
  10. My love, our happiness is on our hands. Let’s hold it tightly and never loose.
  11. When I am with you I do not care about the past or future. I am entirely happy at the present moment.
  12. Are you ready for complete acceptance? This is the key to long relationships.
  13. I have you in my life. What else can I wish?
  14. Happiness is not something we can read or write about. This is the warmth inside your heart. I feel it right now. Do you?
  15. I am happy like a crazy beast. What magic do you use? I need this secret receipt.