Discover a lot of new falling in love quotes we have collected here. If you are going to use these love quotes, you should know that guys are not so romantic and emotional in everyday life. However, this fact should not stop you. If you feel like sharing your love, just pick up a nice quote and send it without any hesitation. You can be sure that your love message will melt the heart of your boyfriend. Guys will also find a lot of inspiring ideas here. You should make your girl happy for no reason. Just send your girlfriend a love message telling that your heart is beating for her.

The Best Quotes about Being in Love

Read all these wonderful quotes about being in love and find your inspiration to write a very sweet message for the person you love so much!

  1. I am falling in love and it is not gravity. It is You, my love.
  2. My love, I am ready to ruin the walls I have built around my heart and open myself to you, my sweetheart!
  3. Caution, do not so sweet, because I start to fall in love like crazy.
  4. I thought that present women did not exist until I met you and fell in love so desperately.
  5. When I met you for the first time, it was the love at the first sight. I know that it is right here and now. I pray God that you share the same feelings.
  6. I do not want to rush or force, but I want to confess that I am in love! It just happened and I am happy about that. You are the most beautiful angel I have even seen.
  7. My sweetheart, my heart is full of love. Do you feel it? I don’t want to force love, I just enjoy every moment we share together.
  8. You are the best what has happened to me! I am in love and I feel so great!
  9. I was not planning to fall in love. It just happened the moment I realized that I love you too much.
  10. We are married, but I do not stop falling in love every day with the most handsome man.
  11. I just realized that I am in love with you. I feel like my throat has been cut. I pray for the mutual feelings from your side.
  12. My dear, I love you so much and I am afraid that one day it all will go wrong.

Top Quotes about Falling for Someone

Read this beautiful collection of quotes about falling for someone and get some ideas how to write proper love messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. I am falling in love. The saddest thing is that my love is not ready to catch my feelings.
  2. My love, you push me to another dimension, so strong I love you. I had no time to understand what was happening. And now I do not try to control my feelings. I just enjoy you and our relationships.
  3. My sweetie, I am falling in love. Are you ready to take a risk and dive into the relationships with me? We have nothing to lose, but we can get so much – pure love.
  4. I fell in love with you. Will it be the most beautiful thing or the biggest mistake I has even done?!
  5. Why do I fall in love with the man I am not supposed to? But it is too late. I love you, my honey!
  6. I am in love. Even if I feel scared to get hurt and to feel pain again, I am ready to give it a try.
  7. I have no right to fall in love with you, but I just follow the flow and watch what life is going to bring me. Love!
  8. I never thought that my love can grow that deep. I love you!
  9. Falling, falling, and falling in love with the most beautiful woman. I pass through time, space, stars and the sky to reach you, my love.
  10. To fall in love with you is the best surprise. Do you feel the same?
  11. Can love go that deep? I think that love knows no limits.
  12. Is it possible to fall in love in a graceful way?
  13. To fall in love with you is real happiness.

Discover Many Nice Message Ideas With Falling in Love Quotes for Him

Next time when you want to send your boyfriend a love message you should insert these falling in love quotes for him. Find your own creative way to show your feelings.

  1. Love is very powerful, do not play with it, live it!
  2. I prefer to lock my heart with a huge padlock, than to experience once again falling in love with a person who does not care about you and your feelings.
  3. The most beautiful moment in my life is when you looked into my eyes and said that you have fallen in love with me. I was in heaven that moment. I love you.
  4. It is easy to fall in love, but it is difficult to find a person who will share the same feelings. My dear, we are so lucky.
  5. Love can be compared to a huge hole. After falling in it, it is very difficult to get our alive.
  6. Our love is like a fairy tale from the very beginning. I hope the end will be happy.
  7. Falling in love was my free will.
  8. I was falling in love and you came to pick me up. I love you, my sweet angel!
  9. Babe, I am falling in love with you completely. What should I do now? Do you have any idea?
  10. I am so in love with you! Only a nice song can heal my heart… and you!
  11. My love, to fall in love with you is like to find the missing piece of the puzzle of my life.
  12. I fell in love and you came to rise with it.

Make Your Girl Happy With These Falling in Love Quotes for Her

Make your relationships a bit more romantic sending your girlfriend one of wonderful falling in love quotes for her. This is a beautiful way to say your dear person that you love her very much.

  1. I will never stop believing in love. I fall in love with you every day.
  2. My love, I am falling into you! You are my ocean. I love you.
  3. My angel, I am like a small leaf falling towards the ground. Will you be with me to rise up?
  4. My love, I fall in love with you. Would you like to build a beautiful world around us? Join me, will you?
  5. The moment I realized I was in love it was the best moment of my life. I have some fears to be rejected, but I do believe in miracles.
  6. The mark of a strong person is the ability to fall in love without any fears.
  7. My love, you appeared in my life from nowhere and became the brightest star in my universe. I love you.
  8. The best feeling I have ever had is falling in love with you.
  9. Do you believe in love at the first sight? The moment you came along I started to believe deeply.
  10. You have stolen my heart forever. I love you, my sweetheart!
  11. I am scared, but I do not want to stop myself from falling in love with you. I am sure you worth it!
  12. Do you know what I call falling in love? It is an uncontrollable desire to be with you the rest of my life.
  13. My love is so strong. Sometimes, I am frightened of myself.