Are you searching for sincere missing my boyfriend quotes? You will find the best missing my boyfriend quotes and pictures in this collection. When your love is far away it is very difficult to keep all the feelings inside. You can share what you feel using these wonderful i miss my boyfriend messages.

Your boyfriend will receive a message with these quotes about missing your boyfriend and will understand how strong you love him. You are not the only one who has the experience of long-distance relationships. No one says it is easy, but if your love is real you will pass through all difficulties and will be together very soon.

Find the Best I Miss You Quotes for Him from the Heart

Do you miss your dear person? If you have to be far away from your boyfriend for a while, you can send him these i miss you quotes for him from the heart. They will make both a bit happier and closer to each other.

  1. I prefer to die than to live without you. I am missing you every second.
  2. No one can even imagine how much I miss you. Only my tears convey my state a bit.
  3. I hate to have Facebook between us. I miss you! I want to feel you in my arms. Only you can make my heart keep on beating. I love you.
  4. Babe I have a huge hole in my tender heart. Will you be my plumber to fix it? Take few tools with you which are your kisses and hugs. I love u and miss like crazy.
  5. I wonder how it is to be a turtle without the shell. I guess, I feel the same when you are far away. I miss your hugs.
  6. My happiness has been stolen with the distance we have between us. I find everything useless and dull without you. My love, please come back to me. I feel completely desperate to your charms. I miss you too much than I can stand.
  7. My love, I can’t control my feelings any more. I feel so unsure of myself. All nights and days are same dark and gloomy. The only remedy is you and your cuddles. I miss you.
  8. When we are separated, I feel like a night sky without stars and moon. I miss you and feel very blank without you, my love.
  9. The way I feel in my heart is very difficult to express with simple words. I am loosing myself and my words. How should I start? My love, look better into my eyes. Do you see all the pain I pass through? I want to be with you again.
  10. Why is it so easy to start miss you but so terribly difficult to stop it and at least handle a bit.
  11. When I am with you my heart is blooming, but once I start missing you I become the most miserable creature in the world.
  12. My heart has been etched with all tiny detail of our relationships. These details are alive, same as my love. I miss you so much!
  13. Even a single second spent with you is worth to live. You make my life happy and full of joy. When you are away from me, I feel like I have been caged for ages.
  14. Even a single day spent without you is like a life full of misery. I want us to be together and experience extreme happiness. I am missing you.
  15. Do you want your girlfriend function properly? She needs some doses of your kisses and hugs on a regular basis. If there is a delay in this kind of maintenance, your girlfriend will result in a complete breakdown. The price to pay to fix this issue will be very high. The first sign of such a breakdown is my warning message “I Miss You”.
  16. I do not need water, food or air… the only thing I ask for is your hug. Babe, I miss you!
  17. My love, to say that I miss you is to say nothing. I miss your eyes, I miss your breath, I miss your fingers touching my body. I miss you deeply!
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Explore Sweet Missing Him Quotes

It is not easy to be far away from your boyfriend. If you feel very sad you can send him one of these sweet missing him quotes. You will surprise your boyfriend and he will be sure that you love him and will wait as long as needed.

  1. One letter is missing in the alphabet of my life which is U.
  2. When I am with you even the scariest nightmare is not scary anymore, but when you are far away even sweet dreams become bitter. Come back soon.
  3. On our first date, I should have asked you to sign a special Boyfriend Contract to make it compulsory to meet your girlfriend every day. I miss my boy!
  4. I miss you so much that my tears are drying up, my emotions go numb, my smile disappears and my entire life becomes empty. I want to meet you as soon as possible and all my misery will be wiped away. I miss your tight hug. I miss you entirely!
  5. Do you think my pillow can compensate me your shoulder? I want to rest my head on your arm. Wrap me tightly. I am waiting for you.
  6. When I miss you I feel like I am imprisoned in the scariest prison. My world is called “I Miss You”. Give me a call baby.
  7. Do you know why I hate social networks? They are all the time between us and I do not want to have virtual relationships. Babe, come back soon! Your girl is missing you.
  8. My love I miss you so much. I keep on chanting your name and this is the best prayer for me. At least I will secure a place for us in the heaven.
  9. I do not stop to watch our videos and selfies. I remember many naughty moments we shared. How romantic our dates were! Our fates have been intertwined so beautifully. I am draining down when I am far away from you. Only your kiss can wipe my frowns off. I miss you badly!
  10. When I miss you I have the same feelings as I am eating a tasty chocolate. It is never enough.
  11. This is a warning message. Babe I start missing you too much.
  12. I miss my love. I am like a rose without its smell and beautiful petals.
  13. When I miss you I feel like a bird without wings. I can’t do anything.
  14. My love, make me happy and come back soon. I miss you.
  15. Do you think your girlfriend is very cute, pretty and sweet? When I miss you I become nasty, bitter and very annoying. Come and save me
  16. I miss you. Time has stopped forever. Since you are far away from me, nothing goes my way. How I miss you only my heart can feel it. Do you feel the same?
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Check Out Cute Quotes about Missing Him

When you miss your boyfriend, the best thing you can do is to send him these cute quotes about missing him. This is a very romantic way to express your feelings and remind your man how strong your love is.

  1. When I am separated from you I feel like my leg or arm has been chopped off. That is how I miss you.
  2. I am in a special state of mind which is called “I miss my love”. I hate and love it at the same time. I hate it because you are not here, but I love it because I know how happy I will be the day we will meet again.
  3. Do you wonder how much I miss you? Check the number of views of Gangnam Style hit on YouTube and you will still be very far from the answer.
  4. You make me feel a real princess. Do not leave me and do not clip my wings. This is what I feel every time we have to separate.
  5. My life was like an empty vase. But you are a beautiful flower that filled my emptiness. I miss you, come back very soon!
  6. I miss all the sunrises we met together. Do not make life like a thunderstorm. I miss my sunshine which is you.
  7. Cravings of some people are limited to ice cream or chocolate, but my true cravings are your kisses and hugs. I miss them so much!
  8. My heart is full of cracks like a ceiling in a very old house. I do not stop missing you. I think of you all day long.
  9. You will understand how broken I am once you put your hand on my heart. Do you feel the pain? I miss you my dear!
  10. When we are far away from each other this makes me miss you more and more. Do you realize what you mean to me now?
  11. My wish is to be held by you at least for a second. One sweet moment… When we are together the rest of the world disappears. You are the joy of my life. Will you be my world? I miss you my heart.
  12. I miss you. Even when I sleep I dream about you and me…together. Do you feel the same?
  13. How can a person be as good as you? You are in my heart every second. My love, come back to me. Let us remind ourselves how beautiful it is to love and to be together.
  14. I search for the explanation why we have to be apart for so long and can’t find it. I am the morning sky which misses its night sky.
  15. Will your hands embrace me soon? I miss the touch of your lips. Despite the pain all around my body and soul I still wait for you. I will be the happiest person the day we meet again.
  16. My sweetheart, why do we have to be apart for such a long time? This universe is nothing for me without you…I feel lost.
  17. I keep on counting days, hours and seconds before we meet again. I know this will happen soon and I prepare my heart for complete happiness.
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